Adoption Training & Education Testimonials

I found Jill to be highly competent and professional in her role.  Families routinely offered feedback that her training was most informative and truly prepared them for their job as foster parents- this is largely due to Jill’s skill set and attributes as a trainer. –Director, County Department of Child Welfare

She has worked tirelessly in the field of child protection for over fifteen years and has truly brought the training program at the Collaborative to the next level. She is constantly seeking education and in turn, updating the training curriculum. She has had to take many of these educational opportunities on her own time, and is so committed to learning and growing, that she has pursued them personally. When I train with her, I always get wonderful responses from her class participants. They enjoy her heart and passion for training adults on research based methods of healing for traumatized children, and the way she present material is always well received and reported as a strength. – Adoption Professional

Jill has outstanding skills as a trainer.  She has effectively provided pre-service training and ongoing training classes for Foster and Adoptive families for many years.  I have observed Jill’s excellent ability to engage her adult students and have meaningful interactions with them…Her experience in Child Welfare has contributed to the strengths-based and family centered focus of her trainings. - Child Welfare Supervisor

Ms. Crewes has a passion for learning and equipping others to be the best they can be. As you well know, in our field knowledge partnered with the right skills has the power to change the course of someone’s life in profound ways. Ms. Crewes is sincere in her desire to enable others to live a legacy of positive change. She is willing to do the work of learning and adapting her own techniques on an ongoing basis. In turn, she seeks opportunities to pour into the lives of others that they might also be better at meeting the needs of children and families they serve. – Adoption Professional

Ms. Crewes is highly experienced and knowledgeable as a trainer. In addition to being well-spoken she is engaging and entertaining. She is able to make complex information approachable and interesting. While her primary audience has been caregivers in her role with the CFCP, Ms. Crewes also has extensive experience training professionals involved in serving children and families through the child welfare system. She has a thorough comprehension of adult learning dynamics. This informs how she builds and executes trainings for the various audiences she serves. – Adoption Professional

Very Informative, I always walk out of one of these sessions thinking about thinks I haven’t through about. – participant

A really great mix of content and activity.  Well thought out. – participant

The training was good. I learned so much about schedules and how important they are and it was helpful to know what the kids are going through too. –kin provider

Great job, great presenter and great information. We want more! –adoption professional

I learned from the teaching that the "wave length" of the child may be (most likely is) very chaotic.  We, as families have strived for "balance" in our homes and the chaos and balance are colliding.  I also learned about and want to continue learning about "trauma informed care! That was excellent! –training participant

I loved it.  I learned so much around how to teach professionals to work with families who have traumatized children in their homes. – training participant

This class was so refreshing and so real.  I think all professionals need this training so they can have a better understanding of their families and children! –training participant