Post-Finalization Counseling

Post-Finalization Adoption CounselingSome families, many years after they have finalized their adoption, have questions or issues that arise with their children that may need the help of adoption professionals. Not necessarily to provide therapy, but to provide information, an empathic ear, a knowledgeable resource. Adoption Options can be that resource. Sometimes adopted children wish to seek for biological parents when the time may not be right for them or their family. We can help to talk to the child about the reasons why. We can advise families about talking to their children about adoption, about creating an atmosphere where discussion is open and honest. We can help families to say no, when they feel that searching for a birth parent is not appropriate at this time. We can help families say yes, if everyone feels that the time is right. We can provide resources for search and reunion, and be that resource for families placed by Adoption Options.

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