Outreach & Events

Adoption Options' outreaAdoption Outreach & Events - Educational Eventsch programs can be tailored to individuals or groups. Our programs include the dissemination of accurate, clear and concise information to health care providers, educators, the clergy and other professional members of the community – anyone in a position to assist a birthparent with the decision-making process.

Topics may include adoption myths, foster care, birthparents and relinquishment, the counseling process, attitudes and values towards birthparents and answers to general adoption questions.

Adoption Options’ professional staff is available for speaking engagements and presentations to any size group or conference. Staff members will utilize brochures, posters, videos and the website to help raise awareness of adoption.

And, throughout the year, the agency hosts several educational events for those interested in learning more about adoption and fundraising events to support the work of the agency. Check our calendar of events for opportunities and details.

To learn more about our outreach services and special events, please contact us today at 303-695-1601.