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Aug. 2015
Shop Til You Drop in Support of Adoption Options

It's back to school time! 

SHOP til you DROP and support Adoption Options child placement programs this Saturday, August 22!!

Patronize Ashley’s Attic or Febra’s and 10% of your purchases go to benefit Adoption Options.

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For more information, contact Lori Furstenberg 719-499-8860.

Aug. 2015
Adoption Options Announces Colorado Football Game Days with the Buffs

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Nov. 1, 2014

Colorado's Premier Adoption Agency Launches Family Profile Services

Contact: Katie Hiner, 303-695-1601

As part of an ongoing reorganization effort, Adoption Options, Colorado’s premier non-profit adoption agency since 1981, has brought the process of developing family profiles in house.  These family web-pages will be displayed on the new Adoption Options website,, in their Waiting Adoptive Family Profiles. Adoption Options chose to bring this service in house beginning in 2014.  The goal is to provide all the services families will need to network and market themselves during their adoption journey in one place. 

As mentioned in a previous release by Janelle Schultz, “Over the last year, Adoption Options has undergone a wonderful and positive transformation to update, modernize, and enhance our services and offerings, our image and our operations,” says Adrienne Elliott, executive director of the long time agency.  “Our sincere and steadfast efforts to serve, support, and educate birth parents, adoptive families and adoption professionals with our expertise and professionalism have enabled Adoption Options to stand the test of time,” she says.   The ability to facilitate the creative process with the agency’s families allows for Adoption Options to market their waiting families and produce a quality product that people can be proud of. 

Adoption Options believes that delivering these new and creative services to their waiting families is a way to articulate the value and importance of networking and branding.  Adoption Options wants their agency to be an extension of their team members and the services we are able to control and perfect in-house.  The agency continues to work on groundbreaking elements that make their brand memorable. 

Sept. 17, 2014

Embryo Adoption: Another Option - Guest Post: Kimberly Tyson, Nightlight Adoptions

Contact: Ashlee Kluth, 303-695-1601

In the United States, there are currently more than 600,000 frozen embryos in storage and hundreds of thousands more worldwide. These embryos are typically “left-over” from couples who originally created them for their own in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments. Once a couple has used all the embryos they need, they have three options for the remaining embryos. They can either pay to store the embryos, donate them to scientific research, thaw and discard them, or donate embryos for adoption to another couple.

In 1997, Nightlight pioneered the first embryo donation and adoption program in the world and named it the Snowflakes® Embryo Adoption Program. This exciting adoption choice allows couples to donate remaining embryos and for others to adopt them and give birth to their adopted child!

The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program currently has many embryos available from donor families. People from around the nation, and the world, choose to donate their embryos through the Snowflakes program because it gives them the opportunity to select the family who will potentially bear children from their embryo donation.

The process is much like an infant adoption, in that the donor family chooses the adoptive family, just like a birth mother would. The Snowflakes team examines the preferences of both the donor and the adopting families to make the best matches possible, and takes place within a few weeks, if the given preferences do not contain too many limiting factors. The adoptive family completes a home study through a Nightlight partner agency and once complete, submits a profile for embryo donor families to view.

Couples married at least three years, as well as single women are encouraged to apply. An adopting mother must be physically able to carry a pregnancy to term as determined by her attending physician in order to qualify for the program. Surrogacy is also an option. The placing family’s preferences will determine the allowable age of adopting parents.

Embryo adoption is a low cost adoption alternative when compared to domestic and international adoption, repeated IVF cycles and the cost of donor eggs. The embryo donor does not receive payment for their embryos. The cost of A Snowflakes Embryo Adoption varies based on the costs of the frozen embryo transfer. The Snowflakes Program fee is $8,000. In addition, there is the cost of your home study through Adoption Options. Your Frozen Embryo Transfer costs will vary on the clinic but are generally $2,500 to $5,000. The most exciting aspect of embryo adoption is that you have the opportunity to give birth to your adopted child.

To begin your Snowflakes embryo adoption, you will need to complete a Snowflakes application, which includes having a Snowflakes form completed by your fertility doctor stating that there are no contraindications to pregnancy. You will also need to comp­­lete a home study and family profile. Adoption Options is available to assist you during these first stages of your adoption.

As an adoptive parent, you receive autobiographical information, medical health history, and pictures from the family whose embryos you adopt. You adopt all the embryos a family has, and the embryos are transported to your local fertility clinic. Finally, your doctor can perform the frozen embryo transfer.

Over 375 babies have been born through the Snowflakes Program, and dozens of families are awaiting a loving couple to adopt their embryos. Contact Adoption Options to find out more information about this exciting adoption option! 

March 13, 2014

Adoption Options Collaborates with the Colorado Dept. of Human Services on Diversity and Inclusivity

Contact: Janelle Schultz, 303-695-1601

The Colorado Department of Human Services, Denver Department of Human Services and Adoption Options have collaborated on behalf of families through diversity and inclusiveness. The partnership began in 2013 at a Human Rights event for families in the LGBT community. Together, the organizations pooled resources and talents to organize an adoptive family forum of successful adoptions in the LGBT community. The event brought together past, present and potential adoptive families and adoption professionals and created an environment where they were able to network, ask and answer questions and learn about the adoption process.

This event marked the first of many networking events focusing on specific diverse communities such as: LGBTQ, Latino, African American, Transracial Families and Youth. In 2012, Adoption Options earned the All Children – All Families Seal of Recognition. Since then, we have expanded our resources for working with LGBT families and have new resources for serving LGBTQ youth in out-of-home care. One of the benefits of being an HRC-recognized Leader is being able to reach HRC’s network of over 1 million members and supporters in the U.S.

The LGBTQ Summit: Connecting Families in the LGBT Community has been scheduled for Saturday, March 22, 1-5 p.m. at Holiday Event Center at 2644 W. 32nd Ave. in Denver, CO. This event will provide more resources to educate and train adoptive families at all stages of the adoption process. Speakers include: Congressman Jessie Ulibarri, representatives from the Office of Children Youth and Families for the State of Colorado and multiple adoptive/foster families in all stages of the adoption and foster process. This event will provide more resources and vendors that can help educate and train adoptive families and provide a better understanding of our different programs while defining an adoptive parent and foster parent.

Together, the organizations have committed to working based on the following principles:

- We are committed to having a family–centered approach to all of our events/initiatives;

- We will treat all of the diverse families in Colorado with respect and dignity;

- Partnering organizations are subject matter experts whom will be developing and supporting each of the events, symposiums, content and curriculum;

- Adolescence, Permanency and youth perspective will be an integral part of the our collaborative events and initiatives;

- We will educate and support our families through their foster care and adoption journey before, during and after;

- Our events and initiatives will adhere to the federal outcomes of Safety, Permanency and Well-being;

- We represent the needs of the community and various populations and support the best interest of the families and children within that community.

We want to make sure all community members receive the resources and tools they need for a successful adoptive family. Please contact Adoption Options if you have any questions regarding this partnership or our upcoming events. Please register for the LGBT Summit here or call Janelle Schultz at 303-695-1601.

Jan. 30, 2014

Join Adoption Options for a Fundraising Event at Miners Alley Playhouse

Contact: Janelle Schultz, 303-695-1601

Golden, Colo…Adoption Options will be hosting a private showing of Parallel Lives at Miners Alley Playhouse on Sunday, March 2nd. Parallel Lives is a hysterical, award winning satire production which began in Evergreen, Colorado. Back to Golden by popular demand, Parallel Lives has traveled from Evergreen to Germany where it received standing ovations and great praise at every show. The Agency is excited to have been invited join together with Miners Alley Playhouse to put on a private showing of this hilarious production.

Parallel Lives has been described as snapshots of diverse people of all ages, cultures, religious backgrounds with a focus on gender issues - mainly women’s issues. Adoption Options has a special connection with this production, not only because of our mission to provide an open-minded and inclusive Agency for diverse people and families, but they also have a relationship with the Miners Alley Playhouse family. Many of the Agency's adoptive families are a part of the theater world and they are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with the Playhouse on this fundraising event.

See more about the Parallel Lives here.   Photo by Ellen Nelson

The Theater Fundraiser is an important event helping Adoption Options find permanent homes for children in the foster care system. Adoption Options' foster adoption program places older or more challenging children into approved homes. There are over 700 children waiting for their family in Colorado and with your help, the Agency can place these children into approved families that will adopt them and give them “permanency”.

Did you know that if a child emancipates from the foster care system, they are 48% more likely to become homeless within 18 months without a family to support them. These same children have no access to health care, are 37% likely to not have a GED or graduate from high school and are likely to end up back in the foster care system with their children. Last year, Adoption Options placed 14 children out of the foster care system and want to focus on placing even more this year.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Adoption Options' foster adoption program and help place children from the child welfare system. The Agency will also be utilizing funds for their adoption education and training initiative to introduce innovative new programs in the community to decrease placement disruption and the chance of children returning to the child welfare system and risking a life of poverty, homelessness and crime.

Please help support these programs by joining Adoption Options at Miners Alley Playhouse in beautiful Golden, Colorado for a fun day and lots of laughs!.Show begins at 1:00PM, but we encourage all guests to come an hour early for a light lunch and cocktails.

Please register for this event here or call Janelle Schultz at 303-695-1601.

Oct. 28, 2013                                                                

Colorado’s Premier Adoption Agency Launches New Website, Online Services

Contact: Janelle Schultz, 303-695-1601       

Aurora, Colo…As part of an exciting reorganization effort, Adoption Options, Colorado’s premier non-profit adoption agency since 1981, has launched a new website at The new site includes the agency’s new brand, reorganized and easily navigated content, training and education program registration, videos, blog, chat room, and more. Adoption Options - Colorado Adoption Agency - New Site

“Over the last year, Adoption Options has undergone a wonderful and positive transformation to update, modernize and enhance our services and offerings, our image and our operations,” says Adrienne Elliott, executive director of the long-time agency. “This has included expanded adoption programs, effective birth parent counseling and support, new training and education programs, and the addition of staff members.”

Elliott says that the agency’s Flexible Families Program for foster-to-adoption has grown significantly while the agency’s infant adoption other programs remain strong and popular with the Colorado adoption community.

“Our sincere and steadfast efforts to serve, support and educate birth parents, adoptive families and adoption professionals with our expertise and professionalism have enabled Adoption Options to stand the test of time,” she says. “Our history, longevity, reliability and consistency have provided a solid foundation from which our agency has grown and thrived for the last 32 years.”

Adoption Options provides:

The agency has placed over 1,500 children into safe, loving homes since its inception. Adoption Options is fully accredited by the Hague Convention, enabling the agency to facilitate international adoption programs safely and legally for international adoptive families. And, the non-profit is a recognized leader in supporting and serving LGBT families through the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's - All Children All Families.

For more information, visit, call 303-695-1601 or “like”