John & Missy

 As you are embarking on what we are sure is an incredibly difficult journey, we would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.  This decision that you are making shows that you truly want what is best for your child.  While John and I cannot guarantee that we will be the perfect parents, I can guarantee that we will work every day to make sure that this child is loved and given every possible opportunity to live a full and wonderful life.  

We are John and Missy and together with our two dogs, Sir Magnus and Lady Penelope, we live in a suburb just outside of Denver.  John and I are both high school teachers so we certainly understand the value of a good education.  We are also both coaches so we understand the value of being a well-rounded individual with opportunities to try new things.

Now that we have found love in each other, John and I are so excited to share our love with a child.     

Thank you,

John and Missy   

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