Waiting Families

***These families are waiting to adopt an infant from an expectant parent***

Waiting families in Colorado interested in adopting children come from all walks of life, but all have something to offer a child…their love. Please take a few moments to read about a few of the many families who have completed the screening process and are now waiting to adopt.

If you or someone you know is interested in adoption, please look into our programs and see which is right for you and your family. Fill out an application today.

Paul & Heather

Thanks so much for clicking on our link! We appreciate the fact that you probably have clicked on many links at this point in your journey, and we appreciate the time you will take to read our profile and to watch our video. In the coming weeks, you will make an enormous decision about your baby’s future. Please know that we will be loving, attentive, concerned, and engaged parents to your child.

We love life and live it to the fullest. Each day is a blessing, and we try to make…

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Scott & Desiree

Greetings, we are Scott and Desiree. First and foremost thank you for taking the time to read about our little family.

We have been married for eight years and together for nine. Desiree is social and outgoing and Scott tends to be more laid back and reserved. This brings a wonderful balance to our marriage and helps us to maintain positive communication and harmony in our home.

Desiree is a reading interventionist in a K-2 Primary school minutes from our home and Scott i…

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Steve & Teresa

Hi! We are a fun-loving couple, who loves children. Steve is a computer engineer who loves sports like basketball, mountain biking, water skiing, and snow skiing.  He is known for being gentle and always wearing a smile.  As a talented piano player, he often plays at home for fun and at church.  Teresa is an English teacher at a local college.  She enjoys reading, researching, writing, acting, singing and throwing movie-themed children’s parties. She has a passi…

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Peter, Denise & Will

Hi, we are Denise, Peter and Will!  We are excited to have this opportunity to tell you about ourselves.  We realize what a difficult decision you are making and how important it is to choose the family that is the best fit for you. We hope it may be us!

We have been married for eight years and have been together for ten.  Our marriage is based on love, friendship and honesty.  We are always laughing and having fun together.  We have a son named Will who we ad…

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David, Lyndi & Aliece

Hi, we are David and Lyndi.

We are honored that you are taking some time to see what makes us, us. We are very aware of the big decision that is ahead of you. We want to paint the biggest picture we can for you of what life is like in our house, and in our family.

We have one biological child together. Her name is Aliece and she just turned three in April of 2015. Aliece can be quite strong willed. She keeps us on our toes, as well as consistent in our parenting abilities…

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David & Sarah

Thank you for spending time on our profile.  It would be an honor to parent your child.

Sarah and I met at a co-ed baby shower in 2002.  We talked for a few weeks on the phone before we ever went on a date.  Our first date was skiing at Vail.  Skiing is one of the activities that we love to do together. We have spent many hours on the lifts and slopes exploring the best of Colorado.

After graduating from law school and moving to Boulder, Sarah dated David f…

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Chad & Aarika


We are so happy that you are taking the time to check out our profile! We understand that there might be a lot of questions from you, and we will try our best to help you get to know us.

We met in November 2010 and then were married in October 2013. From very early on in our relationship, we both knew that we eventually wanted children together, but after several months of fertility consultations and tests, we learned that we are unable to conceive a…

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AJ & Kerry

Hi there! We are Kerry and AJ.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about us. We have been together for eight years and happily married for four years. We have a loving home in a kid-friendly neighborhood, which we share with our sweet and lively puppy Roxy.

We spend much of our free time in nature—hiking, camping, snow shoeing, or just enjoying our evening walks with Roxy in the open space near our home. We also love international travel—we take a trip …

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Nancy & Stacey

Hello! Thanks for taking a little bit of time out of your day to get to know more about our family. Hopefully our story will assist you in deciding whether we are the right fit for your adoption plans. We know this is a difficult decision you are about to make and our hope is that we can give you some insight as to who we are as individuals, as a couple and the types of parents we strive to be.

Nancy and I met over five years ago and became fast friends. Through the course of getting …

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Justin & Sonya

Hello from Justin and Sonya! We truly appreciate you taking the time to learn a bit more about us. We have been married for four years and live in a stable home full of laughter, joy and love. Football is a household staple, banana bread is usually on the counter and our energetic dog Wrigley constantly makes us smile.

We know that you have many options to consider as you bring your child into the world. If we are lucky enough to walk through the adoption process with you, we will spe…

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