Infant Adoption Program

Adoption Options' Infant Adoption ProgramOur Infant Adoption Program is for couples and singles interested in adopting an infant. Through this program, both the birth parents and the prospective adoptive parents are clients of Adoption Options but are not previously known to each other. Birth parent counselors and adoptive family caseworkers work collaboratively to best serve the needs of everyone involved in the adoption circle – birth parents, adoptive parents, and most especially, children.

Families interested in adopting must go through a SAFE assessment and approval process that will take a couple of months and includes, among other things, state and federal background checks, home visits and personal history review. Once a family has been approved, they are added to the pool of prospective adoptive families from which birth parents will choose. The average wait time for placement is 18 months.

Our Infant Adoption Program is available to couples who have been married or in a domestic partnership for at least one and a half years and who are at least 25 years of age. Single people may also apply, although the wait for placement may be somewhat longer. Applicants must have no more than one healthy infant experience, by birth or by adoption, in their current family, and must have documented infertility or substantial circumstances that preclude biological parenting.

See all of our families waiting in our Infant Adoption pool here.

Attend our 2017 Infant Adoption Information Nights, 6-7:30 p.m. Prior to an application being accepted, families MUST meet one on one with a program representative or attend an Info Night AND speak with a program representative.