Flexible Families Program

Our Flexible Families Adoption Program is designed for families with a higher level of flexibility and a willingness to accept some of the special needs of a child within the public child welfare system

A child with “special needs” can mean several different things.  By virtue of being removed from a birth parent in a dependency and neglect action through the court system, a child can be deemed to have “special needs.” Special needs could also mean that the child has emotional, behavioral, physical disabilities or serious medical issues.  If a child is older or part of a sibling group this could also mean that they have “special needs.”  Children falling within the parameters of this program often become available for adoption through county departments of social services or other private agencies.foster adoption colorado, flexible families denver, adopt older kids

In our Flexible Families Program, couples with other children and single persons may apply.  Families who tend to be most successful in special needs adoptions are families with a high degree of flexibility and with reasonable expectations of the child/children to be placed.  Some of the dynamics in flexible family adoptions are quite different from those in biological families or healthy infant adoption.  For this reason, we suggest an initial consultation before official application for this program.  The family and agency can choose whether or not to proceed after this meeting.

Once Adoption Options completes the family assessment, or your “profile,” which is written by your caseworker, it is circulated to the 64 counties in Colorado, the State Department of Human Services, the Adoption Exchange and AdoptUsKids.org. Adoption Options also networks to all 50 states. 

This “networking” service is done so that your chances of being matched with a child or children are greater.  It also does not limit your family to one county and only its children, but opens you to all children available within our network.

WATCH our Flexible Families program video.

LEARN MORE TODAY by contacting Courtney Empson-Whaley, Flexible Families Case Manager, 303-695-1601.

ATTEND one of our Flexible Families/Foster Care Information Nights, 6-7:30 p.m. Prior to an application being accepted, families MUST meet one on one with a program representative or attend an Info Night AND speak with a program representative.