Designated Adoption Program

A designated adoption is one in which the birth parent(s) designate, or name, the prospective adoptive family or vice versa. This is usually done through an intermediary such as a physician, attorney, friend or relative. Adoption Options provides counseling services for the birth parent(s) and accepts custody of the child through legal relinquishment in the court. Simultaneously, Adoption Options conducts a family assessment for the prospective adoptive applicant(s), facilitates the placement upon approval of their assessment, provides placement services, post placement supervision and assists the adoptive family to legally adopt the child.Adoption Options' Designated Adoption Program

Designated adoptions may be interstate or intrastate. Anonymity for all parties may or may not be maintained depending on those involved.

Families who have not yet found a birth parent to designate them as the adoptive family for their child may begin the assessment process while they search. Adoption Options views this step as a way to educate and empower the adoptive families earlier in the process in order to better assist them in seeking a designated adoption.

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