Cradle Care

Cradle Care Families Cradle Care - Interim Care for a Newborn or Child
Cradle care families are licensed homes that provide interim care for a newborn or child awaiting a plan of adoption.

Each family provides a nurturing and loving environment for one newborn or child at a time, and the birthparent(s) and/or adoptive parents may visit the child while he or she is in cradle care. 

Cradle care families receive a small stipend for their volunteer services.  Cradle care families complete core training and are certified in infant and child CPR and first aid.  Ongoing education is provided for cradle care families in the form of monthly trainings held at the agency.  Cradle care homes are located throughout Colorado. 

For more information, please contact Marianne Anderson at 303-695-1601 or 800-878-1601.